hooah (hoo ah) adj., adv., n., v., conj., interj., excla. (Orig. unknown) Slang. H-U-A (heard understood acknowledged)

1. Referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no". 2. What to say when at a loss for words. 3.a. Good copy. b. Roger. c. Solid copy. d. Good. e. Great. f. Message received. g. Understood. h. Acknowledged. 4.a. Glad to meet you. b. Welcome. 5. "All right!" 6.a. I don't know the answer, but I'll check on it. b. I haven't the foggiest idea. 7. I am not listening. 8. "That is enough of your drivel; sit down!" 9. Yes. 10. "You've got to be kidding me!" 11. Thank you. 12. Go to the next slide. 13. You've taken the correct action. 14. I don't know what that means, but I'm too embarassed to ask for clarification. 15. Squared away (He's pretty hooah.) 16. Amen!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

182 Our New Digs...For Now

This morning we were on the phone quickly with housing trying to figure out what to do. They told us that they had a furnished house that we could stay in until things got worked out. Maintenance said that the house would have to be completely rewired and that could be finished mid-week (um, mid-week is July 4th... think they'll be done then?). The house wouldn't be ready until after 1:00, so we packed up, got lunch and tried to kill time until it was ready.
Finally we got an address and met the woman at the house. While grateful to have it, it is not home. It is as old as ours with all the charm of an ancient dirty house and none of the carpet. I really shouldn't complain, but at this point, I am tired and cranky and I just want to go home!
We got out of the house and saw the movie Brave. A nice distraction.
The house had minimal furniture, but Bean was happy to find the "play room". She entertained herself for hours with these blocks!
Tonight is the big Independence Day celebration on post, but it is SO hot, and we are just not in the mood. I am really bummed because this is my favorite holiday!

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