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Sunday, July 1, 2012

183 Do You Believe in Miracles?

I do.

We went to church today, happy for the escape and some normalcy. The LT then visited the Cusseta group, which is an area south of us that is too small to have a ward (or even a branch for that matter), but is far enough that they can have meetings there. The area is mostly trailers and dirt. There are a lot of people is rough conditions out there. The LT had decided that he needed to start going there to help teach and just be a new face in the area.
He was so glad he went. He was able to teach and bear his testimony of the love of our Heavenly Father for us. There was a woman there who had attended for a long time, but would never pray aloud or share her testimony. Today she did. He said it was a wonderfully spiritual experience.
After he got "home" I went to a friend's so I could use her scanner to email something. After we chatted a little bit, the girls and I went back to our house to get a few things. 
Just as we were pulling up, we noticed a maintenance man and several other workers over at the house next door (literally - we are connected). The maintenance man, Danny, caught my eye and started walking over to me. He said "Do you have power?" 
"No, not since Friday. Well, we have a little, but we have been out of the house since Friday."
Just about then, another man walked over and I explained the whole situation. He said that we were not getting full power from the power lines. He said that there was a truck from the power company on their way now, and that it should only take them about 15 minutes to fix it.
My jaw dropped.
As promised, about 8 minutes later a truck pulled up. We watched as a man got in the cherry picker and worked on the lines while another one got on the roof and worked on the area where the line connects to the house.
After about 15 minutes, Danny came over with a huge grin and said "It's fixed!"
I had him come to our house and check the a/c and all of the appliances. They dryer started right up, everything seemed to be working!

I let the LT know that we would be sleeping at home tonight. He didn't believe me!
What a miracle.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized how miraculous the events of today were. The neighbors came home today from being out of town. Had they not called and got the right person who thought to look at the exterior power, someone might well have rewired their house as well. Had I not been stopping by the house at that time, we may not have known that the problem was fixed until at least Monday. And every maintenance man had a different idea, and no one seemed to be talking to each other about it, they very well may have rewired our whole house not realizing the problem had been fixed!
Regardless, I am just so grateful to be home.
Reflecting on this situation, I feel really stupid.
I have been closely following the news of the fires in Colorado, and my heart has broken for the families there. They have truly been stressed and worried. Three hundred and forty six families no longer have homes to go to. I could just swing by mine and pick up something if I needed to.
In church today, several people spoke of friends of theirs who recently lost two of their sons in a tragic boating accident. 
Ugh. I have nothing to complain about. I am so blessed. Our family is so blessed. Things have been stressful because of the uncertainty of our future, but that is nothing compared to what so many others are going through.
That being said, I am so grateful that even in my tiny trials, the Lord is still looking out for me. He was there to comfort me, and remind me that He is in control and that bad things happen, and sometimes, they just have to happen, but if we have enough faith in Him, and it is His will, He can perform miracles in our lives.

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