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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

235 Another Miracle

So, I may have mentioned, that things here at Ft B have been a little anxiety filled. (This is the part where I put links to all of the posts where I talk about how we've been waiting forever and we have no idea what we are doing here and I get depressed every time someone moves because it just reminds me that we have no idea what we are doing here or when we will get to leave or if we'll even be able to stay in the army...but there were too many and I don't want to take all morning trying to do that, so trust me. It's been a long year.)
But I digress...
Long story short, the LT joined the army to become a finance officer, in the hopes that that would lead him to the JAG Corps. He soon learned that becoming a finance officer was a near impossibility because the branch is small, and they really only take Captains (which he will be in about 3 years). But a miracle happened when a slot opened up at the time he was to choose his branch at OCS. That slot came with the caveat that he serve approx. 3 years in the infantry first (thus, making him a Captain by the time he gets to finance). Fine. Then he discovered his hip was broken a week after we moved here last August. That put his plans for infantry school on hold until it was healed. Once it was healed he would hopefully start that 16 week course that November. The bone healed, but there was other damage that would prevent him from rucking if he wanted to be able to walk past age 35. He had a difficult decision to make: Should he just suck it up and go to infantry school and pray his hip held up until he could make the switch to finance? Should he try to get transferred to finance now? Or just take medical retirement?
I told you this would be the short story (trust me, I could write a book about this) so keeping that in mind, he did what he could to get a branch transfer. That was MUCH more easier said than done. 
We remained faithful and positive that the Lord would send us where we needed to be as long as we remained faithful and positive. And believe me, it wasn't easy. We were grateful that the DQ could have her spine corrected at no cost to us, and if that was what we joined the army for, and it was time to get out, then we would be grateful and move on.
But we persisted and the LT dutifully served in the jobs he was given. He continued to work out and keep himself physically ready. He did all of the menial tasks assigned with a smile and never a complaint and continued to prove how proud he was to serve the United States in any way he could.
And then.
Prayers were answered with a simple email.

"You have been moved to finance branch."

I think we are still in shock. 
The news we have been waiting nearly a year for came, unexpectedly at lunch time.
I think we are still hesitant to tell anyone in case something happens and we wake up from this sweet dream.
But he checked his _____ (whatever acronym it is for his records and whatnot...I can't keep them straight anymore) and sure enough, it says "Control branch: Finance".
So today, (I waited a day, in case it really wasn't true) I picked up a new set of branch insignia for his ASUs.
His finance diamonds.
Tiny gold miracles.

(p.s. If you're really in the know, you may have noticed I put them on sideways. The LT pointed that out when he saw his surprise. They are suppose to go "short axis vertical". So I've since fixed that. Such problems to worry about!)


  1. Congratulations to you and your family. Living in the in-between is a very stressful thing, and the military is known for it. Will you be moving now or staying there?

    1. It looks like we'll be moving. We are waiting on his RFO to see when he has to report. At first I really wanted to try to stay here with the girls and just let him TDY, but I think we're ready for a change and so we'll just do what they tell us, rather than ask for any more special favors. ;)